Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Eminence Cufflinks - Dress For Success

I don't usually shop much these days, unlike in the past where I often drew up my wardrobe full of nice shirts and pants and planned onto what to wear for each days of the week.

The few things I do still have a weak spot on however is accessories and this covers the likes of belts, watches and cufflinks.

A few days ago, the Marketing Director from Eminence Cufflinks (http://cufflinks.sg) approached me to review their products and I obliged by asking them for a few samples and have them worn going to work.

They have many different designs which appeals to the mass and also some very specific designs which was interesting.

Iron Man Design

Lego Design

Heterodoxe Design

Darth Vader Design

Hermes Design

Since Valentine's coming, why not do visit and gift your loved ones something nice to share about.

They do shipping and returns guarantee for 7 days if you are not satisfied with the product.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Royce Kids Gym @ Liang Court - Review

We've been to many indoor playground and Royce Kids Gym is one of our favorites which we have been to many times.

They are located conveniently at the Liang Court near Clarke Quay and we go there whenever we feel like eating some nice Ramen for lunch and also their japanese supermarket which is awesome.

The playground is more catered to the younger kids, ranging from 6 months to 4 years old. It has an incredibly unlimited choices of toys and we often called it the open Toy'R'Us home for the kid. The place is huge and we've been to both during the weekdays and weekends but even at the weekends, the crowd is managed controllably well.

~ Thomas Wonderland ~
This is where you get a buffet spread of Thomas and friends toys and they have all the different kind of trains that kids can only dream of. Thomas, Percy, James, Toby you name it you get it.

This is placed at the front of the entrance so kids will not miss this.

If you go further inside, you'll find a whole lot place for hide and seek and this is where the younger kids can roam around. The place is designed such that it's safe for the kids to roam around on their own so parents do not need to worry.

There was also a section where kids can do role play by being a chef, nurse or a cook and there were tools needed for them to perform the task.

Last but not least, there are also a super huge range of available toys for the kids to pick and play. It is almost as much as what you can find in Toy'R'Us and they are all available to play. There were some new and old toys and sometimes I do find the owners replenishing new toys inside.

We love this place because it is both a place where the kids love and also a place where the parents can take some time to rest off while the kids are roaming inside. At least, for once we do not need to climb on and off the rails and slides.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

3D2N Weekend Staycation @ KSL Resort & Hotel

My 2 year old son has been itching for a holiday since we started bringing him to travel late last year. I think blood runs into the same stream. He is always seeking new things to explore, be it things or places.

Since my wife is at her third trimester of her pregnancy, we are unable to travel to places where it requires a flight. So we decide to head our way onto a nearby JB and stayed at the KSL Resort & Hotel, where we spent 2 nights stay in it.

The hotel was located in an extremely convenient location as it is directly connected to the KSL mall which is huge. We spent plenty of our time exploring the malls, dine at the eateries, read at the bookstore, buy groceries and milk powder and some tidbits to bring back home. At one time we contemplated watching movies after our son is asleep but we were so tired that we wanted to enjoy the hot bath and the nice comfortable bed provided.

I booked the hotel through Expedia where I chose the Superior Triple Room so that I am able to bring my helper to come and stay with us as well. The costs for the 2 nights stay is SGD 167.40 and this excludes breakfast option. I also used the Amex credit card as it allows a further 10% savings. I'd say it's really worth the price for a weekend staycation and you will see why later below.

Breakfast was easy as the malls are just next door so the breakfast option was not chosen, though we were curious and tried on the first day and it was absolutely packed with Chinese tourist!! Horrible choice.

The Superior Triple Room was a normal standard room which provided a queen and a single bed. Size of the room was normal but it was decent enough for the little one to sneak and roam around.

We were slightly disappointed though that there was no bathtub in the bathroom as it was one of the activities which we like to pamper ourselves when we go for other travel.


The outside views were pretty amazing as it directly faces the main pool area (more on this below later). On the opposite side, there are an apartment / service apartment where they were up for sale / rent for interested parties. I think the location is decent given that it's right next to the mall and provide direct competitor to the hotel.

Outside Views - The Swimming Pool Weeeee~

Opposite Views

Dinosaur Water Theme Park

This is a really awesome water theme park and kids love it because it is catered for them.

Do note that entry to the park is only free for hotel guests. Otherwise, charges would apply at RM50 per adults and RM30 for the kid.

We started camwhoring first at the entrance before entering the park. Lol

Still looking around the park and taking pictures

The Dinosaur sculptures
And then we started diving right into the different pools.

Goggles and Floats are available for rents in the same area for those who required it.

There were so many different slides to play with that we tried out over and over again, drenching ourselves all over the water.

We went to the pool 2 times in our 3 days. If it was not because of the rain, we would have stayed and soaked ourselves a lot longer.

We are hiding inside the Egg!!!

Family Portrait with the Dinosaur

The overall stay was pleasant and it was one of the better values out there for a rather good experience.

My original intention was to book the Legoland Hotel experience which we stayed during Oscar's 2nd birthday but it was extremely expensive. On a weekday, it is at about RM800 and on the weekend, it can go up to RM1000. That's almost 4 times the amount of what we are paying at the KSL Resort.

With the Ringgit so cheap and getting even cheaper these days, why not hop to the nearest neighborhood?

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

A Fun Day At The Zoo

It's been raining for the past couple of days so we are praying the weather will be good when we get to the zoo. Thankfully, the weather was accommodating so the walk was not as hot as we expected it to be.

This was our second visit to the zoo since we went a few years ago when Oscar was only 1 year old. This time though, we brought along the grandparents since they've never visited the Singapore zoo.

Right at the center of entrance

After a few meters walk inside, we'd quickly found the engulfing polar bear on our right hand corner. The polar bear was mesmerizing as it was swimming in a pool of cooling water. I bet he too can't stand the heat we have right here on our tiny island.

Polar Bear swimming in the background

Polar Bear

Right at the heart of the zoo is the Orang Utan area where you can see monkeys and genetically similar species jumping around the tree in an open area. It was a very scenic view and one of my personal favorites because you can feel the natural scenery of our living habitat. It was fun looking at them just as much as they are looking at us. Hmm.

With the Orang Utan in the background

Their living habitat

We walked past a few other animals such as the Rhinoceros and the babisaurs but didn't manage to capture a moment. Nevertheless, we managed to get a good view of the cheetah as it was lurking through right in front of us back and forth as it appears hungry. I guess, it gotta wait for feeding time!!!

Hey, Rhino!!!

Cheetah in the background

What a view!!!

We managed to get a nice close shoot up of the giraffe this time round as they seemed busy eating the leaves. One of our best memories of giraffe was the zoo in Bangkok where there are literally hundreds and thousands of giraffe lining up in front of us. That was an incredible sight.

Hey, Giraffe!!!

More than 1 giraffe today :)
We watched two shows during the day. One is by the amphitheatre where the splash shows are showing sealion. The shows are the earliest at 10.30 am, so everyone was rushing almost for the same seat. Still, since it was a weekday, there were plenty of seats around so no worries on getting no seat. The shows last for about 30 min and it was pretty entertaining and the crowd was enjoying themselves.

We can't say the same for the elephant shows though as we came in later after lunch. The elephant shows were not as entertaining as the one we have had in Bangkok where I feel they were being trained more skillfully and intelligently. The elephants in Bangkok zoo can even draw a nice picture just by using their trunks.

Elephants doing their show time

Elephant shows but sadly no seat for us :(

Sealion juggling ball

Pose for photo time
All in all, I think a good day outing for the family. We went right in the morning at 9am when the gate opens and we finished just about at 1pm since Oscar was already in sleepy mode so we decide to get back early. Since it's also not our first visit, we are also more familiarize with the place itself.

Until then again next time maybe after our second kid is born next year!!

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Fun & Laughter Indoor Playground @ Citysquare Mall Review

It's been a while since I last updated this blog when we went for a holiday in Krabi in July. Things moved so fast that there are hardly anytime to breathe these days.

In any case, our activities have been as plentiful nevertheless as it was in the past and I have a lot of backlog to update on this blog. I've finally managed to push myself to upload the picture into the blog today.

We went to the Citysquare mall this afternoon as part of our weekly adventure to find something new to explore. After we had our lunch, I brought my son to the Fun & Laughter indoor playground located at groundfloor B2. This was the 2nd time we had explored the playground.


Fun & Laughter Playground

The playground itself isn't huge by any means but they had well concentrated areas that attracted kids to the place.

As we enter, we were immediately greeted by a spacious free and easy area where there are buses and cars for kids to ride along. The Tayo bus was popular because it was obviously the kids' favorite as they grew up watching the cartoon. For Oscar, he extremely loves anything that has to do with buses so there was no doubt he was going to catch it first.

Playing together with jie jie

Wheels on the bus ^^

F1 Racing
Beside the playing area, there was a ball filled area where kids usually like to slide and drown themselves in the pool.

There was also a shooting area by the top where kids can pit their skills against one another by putting the ball into the machine and shooting to score points. For the younger kids, they can still participate as the management has kindly put a small ladder across where kids can climb and reach the shooting gun. That really helps a lot!!!

Kids love to drown themselves in the pool for some reason :)

Aiming right before shooting

"I'll make sure I get it right this time!!!"

"Where is the ball I've put in?"

Posing for the camera ^^
On the other side, there was a small room where kids can gather to play the games that was being screened from the projector. Most of the games include stepping on the monster or bubbles that allow kids to move and jump around so it can get crowded at times. 

I'm scoring my next points ~

Rolling the ball
The highlight of the playground is the gym activities area and the huge long deep slides which kids (and myself) thoroughly enjoy playing it over and over again. The area itself wasn't big but it is enough for parents to get really tired chasing their kids one after another.

Get ready to start chasing after your kid!~

Jumping Matrix

Thinking how to overcome the next obstacle

The super long and deep slides

Overall, it was a good decent playground with very reasonable fees. 

The playground is catered more towards the slightly older kids as the mall has another one which catered for the younger kids (more on this next time).

If the kid is enjoying it, why would the adults complaint? :)

Fun N Laughter
City Square Mall
180 Kitchener Road
 #B2-32 Fun N Laughter
Singapore 208539
10:30 AM to 9:30 PM (Daily)