Saturday, February 6, 2016

Little Planet Indoor Playground Review

There are so many fun and entertaining choices for kids these days.

The latest indoor playground that has opened not too long ago (I think in 2015) in central Orchard road (Centerpoint Mall) that we went to today is the "Little Planet Playground". We really like the playground because they are in close proximity to where we live and secondly they cater more to younger children with role-playing cum learning activities.

The theme of the playground is learning to be imaginative and purposeful pretend play. I really like it because it helps to nurture the mind while playing, not as physical as some other playground are created to be. They are a little like Hokey-Pokey that we used to go, but more pretentious role-playing in this case.

Little Planet Playground Entrance

Little Planet has a farm, market place, kitchen, cafe, fishing area, forest maze and a castle role play area that allows the children to roam around with a realistic educational play environment. These theme play stations are build to mimic a real life situation where for example you get to the supermarket and they get to choose the ingredients, wash them in the kitchen, cook, and then serve to the customers. I think our boy really enjoyed his time there.

The "Farm" Area where seeds are planted

Reaping the rewards after farming

Seafood & Fruits Galore

Finished Shopping :)

Bring my barang-barang home

Unpacking to the kitchen

Overall it's been a really fun and enjoying moment. The crowd wasn't too ferocious since many of them caters to the younger children. I think I'll come back to this again and might bring my nieces and nephews here also some other day.

Thanks for reading :)