Saturday, January 13, 2018

Little Planet Indoor Playground - Review 2018

This is the second time I am doing this review on the Little Planet playground after writing about this 2 years ago (Link Here).

It's the first time we brought our younger son, Oliver here and he is turning 1 at the end of this month. So it's a good chance to pay 2 for the price of 1, while we still can. Lol.

There wasn't much changes from the last time we visited the playground.

Family Photo Caption

It is still mainly an educational center where younger kids get to learn about different kinds of groceries shopping, from fruits, seafood, utensils, cooking, planting and other stuff.

The place was somewhat run down in recent years and was not added to maintain the attractiveness but for the young one, it still serves a good interest for them to run around and do some role-playing.

Caught a Crab and Fish

I'm shopping mama!

Green Onion is my favorite...

Time to slide down

The King is ready!!!

Figuring out what in the world this is...

Apple, Cauliflower and Starfruit

Harvesting time...

Is my sausage ready!??

Which fish is better?

With my favorite daddy :)
Little Planet Playland
The Centerpoint, Orchard Road
Singapore 238843

Friday, January 12, 2018

Safari World & Marine Park - An Enjoyable Outing With The Kids

This was the second time we went back to the Safari World & Marine Park after visiting 3 years ago.

We were impressed with what they had to offer back then and we were once again impressed by the amounf of facilities they had to offer this time.

The kids loved it so much too that they had such a memorable day to remember.

We purchased our tickets online through KLOOK in what we thought was a good deal. There was no need to queue and you get instant confirmation that will be sent to your email.

We had originally a choice of choosing between this and the open zoo in Pattaya but decided to go ahead with this one instead.

For transportation, we managed to negotiate a return trip with a taxi driver for a total of THB1200 which I thought was very reasonable so we proceeded with him. We also used the car for the safari park later.

The trip took about an hour from Bangkok and it is best recommended that you leave around 9 from the hotel to buffer for traffic time.

When we reached, we were greeted by hundreds of birds in the sky just flying around in circle.

The Park is huge and we have to plan for our timing well as there are several awesome shows which I will elaborate a bit more later.

You can't miss the parrots when you come in. There are a huge load of them and the staff was trying to get tourist to take a photo with them for a fee.

They made very loud noises as well, so it's definitely a good stopping point if you'd like to split your way.

We went to catch the elephant show which I thought was always going to be one of the best.

The elephants were trained well and the entire show was simply just entertaining.

They even made some stunning moves that wowed the crowd with its hanging in balance, dancing, drawing and ability to play a variety of sports.

After the show, we slowly strolled around the park spotting animals such as the deer, seal, mini horse and a few really handsome monkeys!

The giraffe terrace feeding was such a popular hit with the crowd because for just Thb100, you can actually get a basket of bananas and a stick to feed the thousands of giraffes.

Just beware of their salivas which dripped everywhere onto the floor (eww....) and make sure you wash your hand after that.

We had our lunch by the small lake before we had to rush to the dolphin show which was extremely packed by the time we reached there.

Just about 10 minutes before it starts, there was a huge load bunch of Indians festival going on with all the bollywood songs and dancing.

What a sight to behold!

Having a lot of expectations inside, the show didn't disappoint as the trainers and dolphin show exceed my expectations as they constantly engaged the crowd with participation and anticipation.

The whole 30 min show was just breathtaking and a must to watch!

It was around 3pm by the time the show finished so we decided to call our driver back so we could enter the safari world with his vehicle.

Do note that if you dont have your own private vehicle you can pay a small fee to ride the public bus offered.

The kids really loved the safari world because it was something different from what they've seen so far.

Hello zebra!

Small O just can't stop standing up...

Bengali tiger beware... Stay in the car signs all around.

With that, we concluded our trip and headed back to the hotel and will cherish every moment with this memory.

  • Address: 99 Panyaintra Road (Soi Ramindra 109), Samwatawantok, Bangkok 10510, Thailand
  • By train to Mo Chit Station (or N8 Station) on the Sukhumvit Line. Take Exit No. 1 or 3, then board bus no. 26 or 96 and get off at Fashion Island Shopping Mall. Take the overpass to the other side; from there a minibus will take you to Safari World.