Wednesday, March 2, 2016

6 Days 5 Nights in Hongkong Travel With A Kid

We traveled to Hongkong recently from the 22nd to 27th Feb for a 6 days 5 nights trip. Even though this was not the first time I visited HK, going there with our kids gave us a totally different expectations and anticipation.

Weather in HK was absolutely great. It was cooling ranging from 13 to 16 degrees for most of the day and we really love the weather because it was just the right sort of temperature that we want.

We traveled via Cathay Pacific airline when they had the promo offer not long ago and it was going for SGD 248 / person. I also realized later on that Singapore airline is having a similar promo that goes for around SGD 250 / person. Oh well, I still think Singapore Airline is better after comparing the two experience.

Upon reaching HK, we took a cab to our nearby hotel which I had purposefully booked for our 5 nights stay at Novotel, Citygate. The check-in was easy and it was 5 min ride from the airport so it was very convenient going to and from the airport. The hotel is also connected to the Citygate mall at TungChung, where branded outlet was located.

Exploring around bedroom

Toilet room

TV Channel 
As most of the trip was kid's planned itinery, our trip was slow and easy.

There is a huge kid play park on the top floor of the Times Square and my boy enjoyed the place so much. We also bought home a few books which we couldn't find in Singapore.

Pony Ride

Busy entertaining himself :)

What!!! Mama lesson again!!??

Hmm, this is more fun :)

Ngong Ping 360

On our second day, we chose to go to the nearby Ngong Ping and Big Buddha since we get to ride the cable car which was fantastic experience for baby O. He was as amazed when the cable car came and he got excited.

Anxiously Waiting...

Wow, Crystal Clear Cabin!!!

Getting Started...

The view was amazing

Reached Finally


Disney was a dreamland for the children and our trip this time round was to include this as part of the itinery.

Tickets were going for about HKD530 and they had increased since the last time I was here a couple years ago. Still, with Disney Shanghai opening in the 2nd half of this year, it looks like there will be competition from then on. There were also many changes to the HK Disneyland which I was very impressed with and looking very different from when I went years ago. Thumbs up to Disney.

There were some which my boy was apparently scared of like the carousel ride and the small small world boat. Now that I think back, it does look like perhaps it's too young for a kid to endure such thing which can be scary.

Entrance of Disneyland ~ Here we come!!!

The Happiest Place on Earth

Creatively Looking Disney MTR
Heya Mickey!!!

Carousell Ride :)
This is the new jungle area where I've never been to
The trip was fun overall.

It wasn't overwhelming filled with rush mad to visit anything and all itinery went according to plan.

Hk is also an easy place for toddlers as most restaurant served dimsum, porridge and soup which is a vital criteria for my baby's meal.

Until next time HK :)