Tuesday, November 27, 2018

First Hand Experience At Farm In The City

Farm in the City was another hands on experience we were looking forward to with the animals.

I wanted the kids to get exposed to most animal farms they read on the book so I decide to bring them over here.

The farm was far oh boy depending on where you stayed. If you are like us who stayed nearer to the city center of klcc or Bukit Bintang, then this will take around 45 minutes to get by without traffic.

We reached the farm at around 9.30 and took a few photos first at the front before going in.

We proceeded to exchange our pre-booked Klook tickets at the counter and saw a mother hen was in the midst of laying eggs!

There were your typical farm animals that greeted us at the entrance. Chicken, horses, deers, goats.

First off is the land of the giant turtle kingdom, where we're each given a strand of vegetables to feed the turtles.

The boys have fun too feeding and touching the shell of the turtles, and to have finally see them in person.

Next up is feeding the deers and alpacas with the carrots and some other hags that we bought.

They were huge and quite aggressive in wanting the food so the kids got a bit frighten off.

Next up we have the birds aviary which is pretty similar to the bird park we went to just 2 days ago.

We were able to feed off the birds who came right at us with foods at our hands.

It was a smaller compound with some birds and a peacock.

The kids were happy to see the rabbits and Guinea pigs because it was something to their size at last.

We were given each a small portion of vegetables to feed them and also have the opportunity to carry them by our side.

The boys had a good feel of the rabbit touch the very first time in their lives.

There were also some other animals that we encounter such as hedgehog, iguana, snake, chicks and owl.

Overall, this is a good place for the kids to get to know some of the animals farm better and there are many roaming and enclosed animals on the farms that you weren't expecting.

We gave it a good thumbs up rating despite the heat weather.

Saturday, November 24, 2018

KL Bird Park A Joyful Experience For The Kids

KL bird park was one of the more anticipated trip we had because we heard good rave reviews about it.

We booked the tickets via Klook which included a one way transfer to the bird park which wasn't too far away from our place at KLCC.

We were there early right at around 9.30am and were one of the first few to have arrived.

Weather was excellent and the driver managed to check us in with the tickets.

The best part about being early is we get to take photos with ease and no disruptions to as long as we would like.

Upon entering the main gate, we were greeted by a free-walking peacock and quickly we tried to position ourselves for a good pose of the peacock.

If you are not able to get a first clear shot of the peacock, do not fret because there are plenty of opportunities everywhere throughout the park for a shot with this beauty bird.

The second most birds we encountered apart from the peacock has to be the Flamengo.

They were literally everywhere and roam walking freely right beside you. They can be anywhere.

There were a few closed gates which we entered and we tried to feed some foods to the fishes, ducks and goose as well.

Throughout the entire day, there were different animal feeding time which you can also attend.

We also met the big bird aka ostrich which oh boy they were really huge beyond my expectation.

We also tried to feed them with some vegetables and my boy commented that they were really strong and aggressive when trying to snatch the food.

It was quite an experience though.

Our best experience however was this feeding milk to the birdies which we paid a mere Rm2 to feed them.

Once you start holding the milk, the birds would naturally flown to your hand and at one point I had over 4 birds on my hand.

My boys were afraid to hold them though so they just stayed by my side.

There were also a small waterfall and children playground which we stayed a while to cool off.

And before we left, there were a few houses of educational that were meant to be for the incubation of the chicks and the boys were excited to see them.

Overall, I thought the park was good and although it was a little dirty as the birds were roaming around freely (uncaged), it provides a safari type of experience for the kids to interact with the birds.