Saturday, February 10, 2018

Oliver Turns 1 - Fionboon Photoshoot Studio

In the past week, Oliver turned 1 year old and my wife managed to secure an appointment with Fionboon photography to capture our most precious moment.

We took the cakesmash photo package which included the props as well as the cake itself.

We weren't exactly living around the area so it was quite a bit of travel by car for us. Otherwise, for those who are in living around the Punggol area, it would be within the vicinity.

We were greeted by a couple and they are Fion and Elmer themselves.

I was amazed by how clean their places are (coming from someone who has 2 children and place is a havoc everytime) and we were given a quick tour in the house.

Both Fion and Elmer were very nice people. They offered us drinks as soon as we stepped into the house and explained to us the process that was going to take place in the 2 hours. The children were also allowed to roam to get familiarized with the place.

We started with a family portrait as koko is still feeling excited and high and wanted to be in the photoshoot. 

Family Portrait to begin the day :)

Look at that priceless smile

The two brothers

Sooo excited...

Believe the sky is the limit baby!

A really lovely background props!

This is my show!!

Cake is so delicious, Yummy!
Both Fion and Elmer are very patience.

There were many times when the kids were fluffling and losing interests but Fion quickly made them smile again with her patient and understanding attitude. She also easily broke the ice with the kids by playing balloon and bubbles with them and the kids quickly loved her.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank them and recommend anyone who wants to do a photoshoot, whether its a newborn or birthday.

This review was purely my own and is not a sponsored post.
phone / whatsapp: +65 91218879