Sunday, August 6, 2017

Discovery Bay - A Different Experience Away From the Bustling Hongkong City

When we think of visiting Hongkong, we think of it as a city bustling with activities and people.

In one part of the island, there lies a place called Discovery Bay (愉景灣) where it is situated at the north-eastern coast of the Lantau island in the New Territories.

There are many expats living there and many Hkners themselves who decide to go there over the weekends for a staycation and you can see easily why.

Look at that View!!!
We live at the TungChung area so it was a rather convenient for us to go to the location using public transport.

At the Tungchung station, you turn to exit D and look out for signs and bus-stop that says "DB01R". It is fairly easy to spot once you exited the station and quickly you'll see queues piling up. 

The bus fares take HKD10 for each trip.

"DB01R" - The bus we boarded

It didn't take long before we reach the place we were looking to go. About 15 minutes at most.

The bus took a roundabout passing some of the residential development and it's an upscale development where most expats are living.

You can see huge tennis courts which means you are on the right direction!

The Discovery Bay Plaza was bustling with cafes and western shops but as we reached there in the morning, the shops are only starting to open up.

Meanwhile, we walked around the area and looked over the scenery under the hot sunny sun.

Weather forecast was at 37 degrees that day, scorching hot.

But look at those scenery, we certainly don't feel like we are in HK at all.

The shops are starting to open up one by one so we thought of having a drink to wind down the heat before moving on further.

I could seriously get used to living there and it's my perfect place for retirement in this sort of environment.

One thing diners may want to take note of is that during Monday to Friday, if you dine in for dinner exceeding HKD120, you can get a free ferry ticket which goes to Central (more on that later). For weekends, it applies to both lunch and dinner.

As we were there on the weekday unfortunately, the offer doesn't apply for us sadly.

After having our lunch, we decide to take a ferry which takes us all the way to Central instead of taking the same route back.

The ferry costs HKD40 and we can use our Octopus card to enter.

Since the weather was scorching hot, it was a huge pleasure to get inside the ferry with a blasting aircon which delight all of us.

The ferry is huge and it can take about maybe 200 passengers at one go. We love the winding down and just looking at the scenery there.

We continued our way down to the IFC mall and continue shopping....