Saturday, March 16, 2019

Hoi An Travelogue (Day 4) - Vinpearl Land Nam Hoi An

On day 4 of our adventure, we went to Vin Pearl Land Nam Amusement Park which is basically a theme park that is suited for the children itinerary.

The park is super huge and is divided into 4 themes - Water Park, Adventure Theme Park, Cultural Park and Safari Park.

Because of the size of the theme park, we knew we couldn't have covered all of them, so we had strategically chosen to cover 2 out of the 4 theme park, namely the adventure theme and the safari theme.

Even though we went on a Saturday and it was arguably the most crowded day of the week, it was still largely look empty due to the sheer size of the park and it was a breeze both taking photo and queueing for the rides for the kids.

There were lots of families who went to the route of the waterpark but since we will not be going, we decided to go to the adventure theme park route first.

There are plenty of rides for both babies, toddlers, young adults and adults of many various rides.

We took on the carousel ride as well as the elephant flying rides and it was a nice reminiscent of my younger days when I was at their age.

The bom Bom car was specially exhilarating as we went twice because Oscar enjoyed it so much.

After the adventure theme park, we proceeded to the indoor theme park where they have a large area for arcade games and indoor playground which we spent quite a bit of time in it.

It was time for lunch and we had them at the nearby food street which serves delicious Com Ga, which is their well known chicken rice.

After lunch, we went to the safari theme with a short walk.

First, we entered the bird aviation where there are many birds roaming free and parrots that you can take photo with.

After a while, we exited and proceeded next to the river safari which is a 20 minutes boat ride to enjoy the various animals that you can view from the boat.

I must say this is very good because you can clearly have a full view of the animals enclosures in their respective habitats.

Before we end the day, we also watched a 10 minutes 4D movie at the park to enjoy the aircon from the hot humid weather.

Overall, we had a good time at the park and would recommend people to come and visit them for a full day trip.

Hoi An Travelogue (Day 5) - Hoi An Memories Impression

After a long day in the morning and afternoon at Vinpearl Land Nam Amusement Park, we were headed for one of the recommended item on the list and it did not disappoint.

We bought our tickets from Klook and we were seated right at the center of the seat having full clear view of the whole show.

The show was an art cultural performance with beautifully designed artistic dance and musical which shows the historic Hoi An landscape to the whole world.

It was very beautiful because it tells you a story about the people here who gave up prosperity in return for peace and harmony in the city.

It also tells the story of the little ancient town with the floating light on the river which symbolises peace and safe return for their husband who went outside harbor for fishing.

Overall we really recommend everyone to watch the show which brings a good memories end to our Hoi An trip on our last night and a good understanding of this beautiful little town city in Vietnam.