Sunday, May 27, 2018

Goodman Arts Center - Perfect For Your School Holiday Activities

We were on the hunt again for some school holiday activities and we found a good bargain at the Goodman Arts Center where they are having an open house for some fun activities.

The one day festival takes on a theme on reimagining creative ways of art in an environmentally sustainable fashion which is a great way to introduce to the kids.

We took an IG photo right in front of the gate before proceeding to the center stage.

We were introduced to a few DIY organic plant seeds which we bought. We decide to choose the Sunflower because they were very crunchy when I tried and this was a good education for the kids to plant their own seeds at home.

There were also a few short arts performance by students in the center stage which we enjoyed.

The weather was scorching hot so we settled for lunch at the nearby Cafe Melba.

We headed for lunch slightly earlier before the long queue was formed.

The pricing for the food is rather expensive I must admit but there were little choices when we were there.

And this was our view from the lunch area... Great view!!!

We have the kids running around too for the playing area in the open field and the bouncing area which was crowded with the other older kids.

Overall, it was a great weekend to enjoy outdoor activities and we enjoyed ourselves immensely.