Saturday, April 30, 2016

Fun Activities At The Little Big Club Theme Park

This is a follow up post from the weekend staycation we had last week at Johor Bahru (Link Here).

We proceeded to Puteri Harbour where there are two main theme parks destination for the kid. In the end, we decided to go for the Little Big Club Theme Park since it's an obvious choice for the boy. We heard some good reviews before we enter so there were high expectations about the theme park.

The mommy took this chance to take a quick snapshot as we walked past since we will not be entering the Hello Kitty Land this time round.

Snapshot @ Hello Kitty and Barney

Upon entering, we were greeted by Barney who was right in front of us. Sadly, Oscar was too afraid to take a picture with the big character so we forgo taking the picture together. Still, he was excited to run around the Barney premise which I have to chase him around safeguarding his safety. The Angeline ballerina was empty when we went since they only had shows in the afternoon.

Barney and Angeline premise

Wait for Daddy.....!!!
Shortly after we were playing around, there was Bob The Builder show with most kids running towards the scene. Not knowing what happen, we followed everyone at scene. It turned out to be a very interesting interaction amongst the kids because the staff would made them sing and dance along to the theme song. Oscar started out scared initially but grow to like them as the show goes on.

Bob The Builder Show

After the show, we visited the premise for Bob The Builder and their amazing maze for the kids. He has fun running around and taking the long slide down and even assume his position as a truck driver. Get to work big boy...

I'm trapped inside the maze...

Trucking time... Get to work

The best part of the theme park is at the level 2 where they had the Wheels on the Bus, Thomas Train, Helicopters and Ferris Wheel. Oscar had the Wheels on the Bus and Thomas Train and loved it to pieces. Singing along the theme song, he finally had the chance to take both the bus and train together.

He was perhaps a little apprehended after taking the two that he refused to take the helicopter ride. So we had to forgo it.

Wheels on the bus goes round and round....

We spent about 3 hours inside before we left for lunch. Last shot at the nice Puteri Harbour scenery.

Puteri Harbor scenery

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Weekend Staycation at Legoland Hotel, Johor Bahru

We just had a fantastic short staycation at Legoland Malaysia in the past weekend which went beyond my expectations. The idea was to celebrate Oscar's 2nd birthday so I invited the grandparents as well and it turned out to be such a great family bonding session at the end. My son loved it so much that he actually cried when we had to go back to Singapore. For all parents who wishes to bring their kids there, you have been warned.

I'll split the post into separate parts since we visited quite a bit of places, mainly a few indoor theme park in the area.

We booked a cab straight from our home in Singapore and arrived pretty quickly for just under an hour since there was little jam in the morning on Friday.

When we arrived at the hotel, Oscar's eyes immediately lighted up to see the indifference in the hotel decorations. This was unlike the other hotels he has stayed, normal and ordinary. This was his hotel, his world. 

While I was proceeding to check in, he rushed to play and pick up some of the lego bricks and wasted no time any further. You can see how we immediately explored the area since we were told that we can only check in the evening at 4pm. Any early check in would require an additional RM300 which I don't think is worth it at all. I think this is the only downside of this hotel check-in.

The Brick family restaurant was where we had our breakfast for the 2 days. The spread of the buffet was amazing and it was extremely child friendly. You can get almost all kind of food you want at the spread - Malay, Indian, Chinese, Kids, Yogurt, anything. We ate to our delight and had no room left for lunch.

We checked into the room pretty late after we had our dinner and was exhausted by the daily activities we did. When we entered the room, we were all fascinated by the decorations of the room. Oscar had a loud "Whoa" sound when he entered and immediately I knew this was the kind of hotel he was happy staying at, forever perpetually.

The room was separated into one main king bed and a bunker bed in the other room which can sleep 3 person. This was a perfect gateaway opportunity should you want to spend some family bonding together.

There was lego bricks provided in the room for the kid to play and kept him busy during the staycation. There is also a puzzle to solve which there will be rewards if you managed to crack them. Unfortunately, Oscar was too young to participate so it ends up with the adults trying to rack our brains. We had to spend quite a while before we actually figured it out. Shame shame on us.

The hotel was kind enough to give a complimentary cake knowing that it was Oscar's birthday. It was a simple cake which was beautifully designed and we get to sing a birthday song and take a family picture together, which is priceless. I am not sure if he knows what's happening but I hope it'll be a memorable moment for him when he gets older in the years ahead.

It was a very pleasant stay overall and the money is totally worth your kid's happiness if you are planning to work some activities out for the family. We hope to be able to come back at some point in the future.

And on my way back, I saw a quote from facebook which says "Present is the moment, tomorrow is another day. Make everyday counts for your loved ones"

Monday, April 18, 2016

Kids Amaze Indoor Playground @ Safra Toa Payoh

We made our trip down to Safra Toa Payoh this past weekend to check out the indoor playground they had since we heard some good rave reviews about it.

The entrance fee was very affordable especially if you are a Kids Amaze or Safra member. Even if you are not, the entrance for a single kid is only at $18 during weekends. This is much lower comparatively than the other indoor playground around the malls.

The playground was huge and they are separated into two parts - one for the toddler area and another for the older adults. We played both :)

Little O played in the toddler area for about 15 minutes and he kinda liked it at first, after sort of climbing and crawling around, made a friend or two but felt bored thereafter because it's all too easy for him. Suddenly, I feel like he has grown up from a young baby to a big toddler now.

There is an area where all the kids would run to and lie on the center as they had a machine which sucked all the balls and dropped it right into the center to those kids excitement. I think this is the main highlight of the playground because there are so many kids getting excited and you can see the balls lying around on the floor after rounds of throwing around.

The climbing area was huge and I played my part in the exercise when I had to chase after little O running around for at least an hour. There was also a long slide towards the top which was slightly shorter than the one we had at Amazonia bu was still amazing.