Thursday, November 17, 2016

3D2N Weekend Staycation @ KSL Resort & Hotel

My 2 year old son has been itching for a holiday since we started bringing him to travel late last year. I think blood runs into the same stream. He is always seeking new things to explore, be it things or places.

Since my wife is at her third trimester of her pregnancy, we are unable to travel to places where it requires a flight. So we decide to head our way onto a nearby JB and stayed at the KSL Resort & Hotel, where we spent 2 nights stay in it.

The hotel was located in an extremely convenient location as it is directly connected to the KSL mall which is huge. We spent plenty of our time exploring the malls, dine at the eateries, read at the bookstore, buy groceries and milk powder and some tidbits to bring back home. At one time we contemplated watching movies after our son is asleep but we were so tired that we wanted to enjoy the hot bath and the nice comfortable bed provided.

I booked the hotel through Expedia where I chose the Superior Triple Room so that I am able to bring my helper to come and stay with us as well. The costs for the 2 nights stay is SGD 167.40 and this excludes breakfast option. I also used the Amex credit card as it allows a further 10% savings. I'd say it's really worth the price for a weekend staycation and you will see why later below.

Breakfast was easy as the malls are just next door so the breakfast option was not chosen, though we were curious and tried on the first day and it was absolutely packed with Chinese tourist!! Horrible choice.

The Superior Triple Room was a normal standard room which provided a queen and a single bed. Size of the room was normal but it was decent enough for the little one to sneak and roam around.

We were slightly disappointed though that there was no bathtub in the bathroom as it was one of the activities which we like to pamper ourselves when we go for other travel.


The outside views were pretty amazing as it directly faces the main pool area (more on this below later). On the opposite side, there are an apartment / service apartment where they were up for sale / rent for interested parties. I think the location is decent given that it's right next to the mall and provide direct competitor to the hotel.

Outside Views - The Swimming Pool Weeeee~

Opposite Views

Dinosaur Water Theme Park

This is a really awesome water theme park and kids love it because it is catered for them.

Do note that entry to the park is only free for hotel guests. Otherwise, charges would apply at RM50 per adults and RM30 for the kid.

We started camwhoring first at the entrance before entering the park. Lol

Still looking around the park and taking pictures

The Dinosaur sculptures
And then we started diving right into the different pools.

Goggles and Floats are available for rents in the same area for those who required it.

There were so many different slides to play with that we tried out over and over again, drenching ourselves all over the water.

We went to the pool 2 times in our 3 days. If it was not because of the rain, we would have stayed and soaked ourselves a lot longer.

We are hiding inside the Egg!!!

Family Portrait with the Dinosaur

The overall stay was pleasant and it was one of the better values out there for a rather good experience.

My original intention was to book the Legoland Hotel experience which we stayed during Oscar's 2nd birthday but it was extremely expensive. On a weekday, it is at about RM800 and on the weekend, it can go up to RM1000. That's almost 4 times the amount of what we are paying at the KSL Resort.

With the Ringgit so cheap and getting even cheaper these days, why not hop to the nearest neighborhood?