Monday, April 30, 2018

Country Garden Danga Bay - Airbnb Review

We were deciding to venture out for a little during the long weekend break leading to the Labor day holiday but didn't want anything far and too expensive so we decide a stay on our neighbouring city, Johor Bahru for 4D3N.

In the past, we had always used to stay at the KSL Resort because it provides convenience having direct access to the mall. But given that we are traveling with an extended members, we want a place where it could provide us more comfort and room to stretch, hence we decided on Airbnb this time round.

The Airbnb place we booked this time round is a nice 2 bedroom stay at the Country Garden Danga Bay, an up and coming area of apartment (Link Here).

If you have not signed up previously, you can sign up at the below link here and get a straight $25 credits to use immediately.

The place was an easy find and is about 10 minutes drive from the custom of woodlands. It is also in close proximity to the new Paradigm mall, which is a super huge mall located at the highway of Skudai road.

When we first entered the apartment, we immediately feel homely because the place is designed in such a cute and relaxing ambience that gets us straight into the holiday rhythm.

The living room was spacious enough for us and the kitchen and utensils were complete. There was also a washing machine which we utilized during our visit.

At night, we would spend time watching the television in HD enjoying the homely presence of the environment.

Joelle, the host, was also kind enough to provide toys and storybooks for the children which we read to them every night. She was also very responsive to our queries which I think is a nice personal touch to add on.

There was also a nearby supermarket which we always go to for some snacks, bread and water before we head back to our apartment.


The apartment also boasts facilities such as gym and swimming pool which we didn't utilize during our stay there because it kept raining in the evening when we were about to gear up for swimming.

In the morning, we went down to breathe some fresh air and play a couple of times in the playground area which the kids enjoyed very much. The views were also magnificent from the top looking down into the beach and sea.

Private Beach

The private man-made beach is located within proximity in the country club garden which was just a 5 minute walk from our apartment.

Night Market

We were there during the long weekend and the premise has an event that hosts the night market.

We went during one of our stay and head down to the night market which sells plenty of small eats such as smelly toufu, bubble tea, chicken chop, lu rou fan, etc. We decide to take some home and eat them in our apartment while enjoying the television which is screening Avengers.


We "Grab" our way throughout the 4 days we stay there and the fare was extremely cheap.

For example, it costs us just about RM8 from our place to Paradigm mall or the Komtar JBCC when we head out there. Even during one of the peak high surge timing, we had to only pay RM15 which was way within our comfort zone level.

A quick tips is to ask the grab driver to meet up at the country club just outside the Starbucks area, it was a smooth and easy find throughout.


We were really satisfied with our stay and would recommend anyone who wants a quick getaway for the weekend to book with Joelle as she is a really nice host that would care much for her tenants as well as her lovely apartment in terms of providing quality and homely service.

We also used a private transfer from Singapore which costs $75 one way which so far is the cheapest option I can find on the market. You can PM me for those that are interested.

Sunday, April 8, 2018

The Joys of Toys - Review

It's been a while since we last went to an indoor playground with the kids since we've been traveling around and are taking time off to rest our butts.

My wife alerted me to a newly opened playground at The Central Clarke Quay which was opened by a couple and the review was good so there we went today.

The place is located conveniently at one of the insides in the mall on the 3rd floor. It wasn’t extremely spacious but the theme was not running playground but rather toys so it is considered very decent.

Toddlers playing area

There is a separate section for the toddlers and the slightly older children, which is on the other side of the store and you have to exit the toddlers area to enter.

Oscar sneaked in to the toddler section to play for a while before he decides to head down to the main playing area after getting bored, lol.

Meanwhile, Oliver continued to enjoy his toddler playing area...

The toys are of highest quality there as it is from Hape and is made of all wood instead of the cheaper plastic toys you see out there.

1,2,3... Cheese

Standing on his own :)

Where's my missing piece!?

What fruit is this?
Meanwhile, I went to accompany Oscar while my wife stayed behind to play with Oliver at the toddler area.

This is the Main Playing Area, which is hugeeee
The main playing area is divided into 3 big sections.

The first section is the transportation and role playing area where kids can play with cars and transportation to their imagination.

Oscar loves this section the most.

Oscar arranging all his transports, creating a massive jam

Role Playing hospitals and schools
The second section I would categorize it under the creativity section as it has a wide range from 3D puzzle to real music instruments to block puzzle and arts and crafts.

Personally, I found this section the most amazing because the toys are of really high quality and it is a very intellectual toys which you seldom see on the toy store.

Puzzle Block

The range of toys available are very wide
3D Puzzle

Football Flick

Magnet Maze

Musical Instrument

Shark Fishery
The third section is the kitchen and cake section where kids get to go to the supermarket, select their stuff, pay them at the cashier and have them cut and cooked in the kitchen.

The utensils and ingredients are mostly complete so you have a large selection of the food you can cook.

Who wants a cake?

Daddy waiting for buyer

Getting busy in the kitchen

Shopping at the supermarket

Cash or card?