Sunday, January 6, 2019

Bali Day 1 - Checking Into Our Airbnb @ Canggu

We had booked a long 10 days for Bali which we thought was supposed to give us a good rest over the holidays before we are pulled back into the reality of life.

Our first day was rather unadventurous because we left for Bali sometime in the evening so by the time we reached Bali on a 2.5 hours flight from Singapore, it was already late evening.

We started the day real joyous feeling with the kids playing their hearts out at the airport before we make way to the gate for our flight.

Since we were on a Garuda Indonesia flight, our gates were located at Terminal 3 which means we can roam around the butterfly garden first to kill time and start our adventure.

The Garuda Indonesia flight we took was on time and before we know it we were right up in the air.

GI served a delicious meal, great entertainment and a spacious seat for what we thought to be a good deal for Bali.

Once we reached the airport, we took on a private transfer which I had earlier booked from Klook, our preferred provider during the course of our travel.

The trip took about an hour to reach our Airbnb place which was located at Canggu at Jalan Garuda III.

Since it was quite late by the time we arrived, it took quite a bit to find the place since the roads are so narrow.

The interior of the rooms inside were nice and good.

There are games room which the kids are thrilled to play with especially the guns and some of the board games.

We'll start our full day officially tomorrow.