Friday, March 9, 2018

Taiwan 2018 Travelogue - Day 2 Nanzhuang @ Miaoli

We woke up early this morning to tour around the minsu premise and to catch an early bright morning glimpse of the area.

The weather was very chilling, with winds blowing through our faces.

Entrance of the minsu in the morning, a good weather to start the day.

Watching mountain and nature at the premise

Mum breathing fresh mountain air

Breakfast was served at 8am and it was a simple toast selection of breads with other toppings such as salad, egg, sweet potato and pasta sides. This comes along with a hot drink with tea or coffee to start the day.


We love the breakfast and the premise

In a separate table because it's warmer here :)
After we have our breakfast, we proceed to the first attraction of the day, 神仙浴 which is Shenxian Valley.

We had to walk about 100 stairs down (and up upon coming back) and I was exhausted because I have to carry the kids on the route down and up as the walkway was not very even.

My handsome older boy posing at the bridge alone, brave boy :)

We were greeted by this real beautiful scenery, it was all worth the effort walking down.

A long bridge 1000m above grounds.

Counting steps
After spending about an hour at the Shenxian Valley, we proceeded to the next attraction at the 向天湖 Skylake.

The atmosphere here was very serene, peaceful and relaxing. It wasn't filled up with any tourists at all. This is exactly what we wanted.

Finally, a family pics four of us

Ducks passing by the lake

A very huge premise area for the kids to run and adults to enjoy the scenery
This is the sort of activities we'd like to enjoy, sipping coffee, appreciating the nature and slowing down.

Baby Oliver loving the chicken

Tiramisu 奶茶

It is time for lunch so we decide to proceed ahead to Nanzhuang old street 老街.

The driver recommended some place for lunch and it was a nice old model of home cooked food. But it was slightly rather expensive in my opinion.

We walked a few streets after the lunch to burn down all the food we just ate and we managed to buy this egg roll which we tried and it was good.

The small lane with plenty of foods

Egg roll shop we bought from

We also managed to hit 7-eleven to buy a recommended instant noodle by our driver and friends.


After our groceries shopping, we hit the car again and this time we are going to an ecological park nearby which wasn't too far off from the minsu.

Cheeky moment


We went back to the minsu for our dinner which we had pre-ordered previously. It was a simple but nice moment to be able to dine under the moon and stars, gazing at them, with some light romantic music.

Our dinner at the minsu

Under one roof

Both my parents, especially my dad loves the place and atmosphere so much. We've been at the hotel too much that I think it's advisable to try staying at the minsu especially in Taiwan.

It's our last night here before we will move on to Taichung tomorrow.

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