Monday, March 12, 2018

Taiwan 2018 Travelogue - Day 5 Puli + Cingjing

We had a very nice and long rest at the Moonlake B&B as all of us slept soundly after a rather long day and the weather was great and cooling.

We had our usual breakfast at 8am in the morning just across where we live in the check in lobby. The owner made porridge along with some very simple condiments but we really like these simple dishes so much. I know my parents loved them a lot.

Simple homely dishes from the minsu


Some more condiments

We had to sadly bid farewell as we continue our journey up east to Cingjing which is our main itinerary for the day.

On the way, we stopped by Puli and the first stop was the Puli brewery.

Puli Brewery

Captions where they kept the 白酒

It was a good little nice history to know but it wasn't particularly an interest to us. So after about half an hour, we moved on.

The next stop is the 18 degrees chocolate which we bought some ice cream to chug along.

The Ice Cream We Bought

Our driver bought us to eat this simple but delicious noodle for lunch before heading to the mountaneous cingjing area.


After lunch, we spent an hour journey up north to cingjing.

Our first stop upon reaching cingjing was the Small Swiss Garden.

Personally, I found this attraction to be a bit of a miss because it appears to be deserted and there wasn't much things to do or see there, and the ticket was quite steep in my opinion.

Still, since we have paid for it, we might as well take photos after photos, lol.

Can't get the kids to focus on the camera. 0/2

Mum with her beautiful pose

Dad with his usual relaxing form

Waiting for my drinks

Found a playground!

Some activities to run off the kids' energy

Pretty Cherry Blossom

Our next destination was the much anticipated Cingjing Swiss Sheep Farm.

Being Monday, we were hoping the crowd wasn't as many but we were wrong.

The farm though was a lot better than my expectation because the farm was huge and the landscape in the background was extremely beautiful.

Family photo before we feed the sheep

Baa Baa White Sheep have you any wool...

Oliver was scared yet excited to see and touch the sheep

A moment for our little Oliver

Hi Sheep, my name is Oliver


Wife with the sole lonely sheep :)

Nice atmosphere

We had a rather long day and the kids were exhausted with all the walking so we headed for our minsu Misty Villa for the night.

Checking in

Single bedroom facing mountain view

Double bedroom with mountain view

Beautiful landscape

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