Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Taiwan 2018 Travelogue - Day 3 Strawberry Farm + Mushroom Garden + Xinshe Castle 新社古堡 + Carton King

After a relaxing 2 days at Nanzhuang, we are headed to Taichung on our third day of our trip.

We felt very refreshed after a good night rest and we started the day with a nearby trip to the strawberry farm, which was incredibly juicy and amazingly sweet.

The kids and parents both fully enjoyed strawberry picking as well as buying about 2kg of the strawberry home. It is really that nice and natural sweet and throughout the rest of our journey, we keep missing the strawberry that we ate.

First time to the strawberry farm

Picking juicy and ripe strawberry to bring home

Cheese... I've got what I need

And I've got nice one

Stopping for a quick photo shoot

Our Mr Strawberry favorite

Sooo Good....

After a laborious start to strawberry picking, we headed to the mushroom garden where we were on personal guided tour from our driver on how they managed to keep the mushroom gardening fresh and planted.

All mushroom style lunch

Mushroom garden


SOP how mushroom grows and cultivate
After lunch and our visit to the mushroom garden, we picked up where we left and were headed towards the Xinshe castle.

Each entry was about NT250 which includes a discount voucher for a drink. The place is beautiful and has lots of instagram worthy photos to take, which of course we did.

Situated high up in the mountains in Xinshe, this is a unique place where the castle is built in an European style with a large garden and lake to enjoy and stroll.

Strolling in the beautiful garden

Add caption

This feels so magical

Meteor garden shoot alike

Beautiful flowers
Next, we are headed towards the Carton King which is a lot better than my expectations.

I've heard reviews that the premise is small but I thought it was a decent place for kids and we even participated in the stamp chop activities that require us to get a chop from every shop we visited to exchange a complimentary gift.


So big still play!!??

Where everything is made up of carton

The smaller version

3 little pigs and the wolf :)

Attending a class but play handphone lol

We ended the day with a return hotel which I booked online at a 3 star budget hotel.

The hotel is conveniently located in downtown but it was nothing more than just a one night stop to rest before we head tomorrow to the sunmoon lake.

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