Friday, March 2, 2018

Taiwan Family Travelogue Itinerary (March 2018)

This is our first attempt at going to an overseas country in a large group since we had children.

This time, we decided to bring along both my parents and also my younger brother, so in total there would be 8 people traveling together which include two children aged 4 and 1.

We decide to choose Taiwan because it's a place where everyone has not been to previously so we are pretty excited about our itinerary. For me, I've been to Taipei once a few years back with friends and have always been itching to go back so I'm happy that we are going this year, as one big family.

Since we're spending quite a bit of time in Taiwan, we decide to travel around different cities and in this regard, we decide to hire a private driver for places outside Taipei that are not so accessible. With the young and old among the traveller, I think it's the right choice to hire a private driver.

We found this driver in a recommended forum and our correspondence with him so far has been smooth. He will have a big Altrax car that can fit 10 people and we are hiring him for a total of 9 nights excluding Taipei but including transfer to and from Taoyuan International Airport. In total, we paid NT 62,000 for his services.

Here is the itinerary that we have planned for our 13D12N family easy travel:

Day 1: Taipei 接機

Singapore -> 桃園機場接機出發 -> 新竹道地美食(新竹米粉-摃丸湯) -> 苗栗

Stay: 南庄夜宿苗栗

Day 2: Miaoli

苗栗出發 -> 南庄老街 -> 綠世界生態農場 -> 苗栗大湖採草莓

Stay: 南庄夜宿苗栗

Day 3: Taichung

苗栗出發 -> 三義勝興火車站 -> 薰衣草森林 -> 百菇莊午餐道地美食香菇大餐 -> 大坑紙箱王 -> 東東芋圓 

Stay: 沐旅商旅柳川館 

Day 4: Sun Moon Lake

Taichung 出發 -> 埔里酒廠 -> 日月潭遊湖 -> 水社碼頭 -> 玄光寺吃阿婆茶葉蛋 -> 伊達邵碼頭逛原住民市集) -> 日月潭纜車站&九族文化村 

Stay: Moonlake B&B

Day 5: Cingjing

日月潭出發 -> 18℃巧克力工房 -> 小瑞士花園 -> 道地美食甕仔雞 -> 清境農場(門票160/人)

Stay: 清境雲濛仙境民宿

Misty Villa

Day 6: Hualien

清境出發 -> 太魯閣國家公園 -> 昆陽 -> 武嶺 -> 合歡山 -> 碧綠神木 -> 天祥 -> 燕子口 -> 長春祠 -> 七星潭風景區 -> 逛東大門夜市 

Stay: Ing BnB

Homely Ing B&B at Hualien

Day 7: Yilan

花蓮出發 -> 清水斷崖 -> 蘇澳港吃魚海鮮午餐 -> 白米木屐村 -> 逛湯圍溝商圈 

Stay: Pokara Resort

European-Japanese Fusion style resort at Yilan, Jiaoxi

Day 8: Yilan

Pokara 出發 -> 頭城農場 -> 宜蘭幾米公園 -> 逛羅東夜市

Stay: Pokara Resort

Day 9: Taipei

Pokara 出發 -> 野柳地質公園 -> 十分 -> 九份老街

Stay: Xi Men Ding Airbnb

Our Airbnb Apartment for 4 days in Taipei
Sign in here using this link below to get your discount!

Airbnb Link

Day 10-13: Taipei

Free & Easy

I'll update each coverage as we head down to each itinerary station.

Day 1 - Taoyuan International Airport + Hsinchu + Nanzhuang
Day 2 - Nanzhuang @ Miaoli
Day 3 - Strawberry Farm + Mushroom Garden + Xinshe Castle 新社古堡 + Carton King
Day 4 - Sunmoon Lake + Aboriginal Culture Village
Day 5 - Puli + Cingjing
Day 6 - Taroko Gorge + Hehuansan + Wu Ling + 七星海 + Dongdamen Night Market
Day 7 - 清水淡 + Su'ao 蘇澳 Harbor + 白米木屐馆
Day 8 - Toucheng Leisure Farm + Jimmy Park Yilan Station + Luodong Night Market
Day 9 to 13 - Yehliu Geopark + Jiufen + Taipei 101 + Ximending + Shilin Night Market


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