Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Taiwan 2018 Travelogue - Day 7 清水淡 + Su'ao 蘇澳 Harbor + 白米木屐馆

Today was a relatively "easier" day as we tend to go slow at Yilan since we have two full days which means plenty of time to relax, hang around, try new things and just slow down.

We woke up to a great breakfast which was complimentary from the minsu we stayed (Ing B&B) and was just a minute walk next door.

Enjoy Life - When I'm not at the coffee house, I'm on the way to the coffee house.
Love this quote

Our amazing breakfast place next door owned by an old couple
After breakfast, we have to bid farewell again to our minsu which we loved to stay longer and proceed to our next destination.

Our first stop was the 清水淡, which is my goodness an amazing scenery once again to the backdrop of all the amazing things we've seen so far.

The waters by the bay are so clear that I swear you can look at it the whole day and not feel bored by it.

Amazing blue backdrop of the bay

The next 30 minutes drive down, we reached the Su Ao harbor which is essentially where all the fisherman and markets are stalled and we proceeded to have seafood for lunch.

It was interesting because first we have to go to the market to pick the fresh seafood, then bring it to the restaurant where they will charge on how to cook them.

The seafood is incredibly fresh and delicious and I would recommend anyone to visit these part of the area for both the food and experience.


Wet Market

Fresh Prawn

Fresh Squid

Fresh Fish

After cooking Squid

After cooking steam prawn

Bamboo Clam

After lunch, we headed to a historical site  白米木屐馆  on how they made sandals out of wood.

Personally, I found it to be quite interesting and somewhat different activities for the families to try out but it was boring for the kids and the grandparents so we left early after about an hour or so.

The entrance fees are NT150 and there are DIY activities for the participants to try out later on so I think it's worth a visit if you are into this sort of thing.

And just before we head down to our next resort for the night, which was right in front of the secluded paddy rice fields, we headed down to the 礁熬 park to soak our feet and grab our dinner.

Soaking our tired feet into the alkaline water

Our stay for the night is the beautiful Pokara Resort which I found and would recommend it to anybody who wants to have a relaxing stay at Yilan.

Taking hot water in the lobby at night with the pyjamas

Our beautiful resort

Bathroom overlooking the paddy rice fields

Our Quadruple Room

We rest early for the night as we appreciate the slow lifestyle and the beautiful scenery outside our room and resort.

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