Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Taiwan 2018 Travelogue - Day 8 Toucheng Leisure Farm + Jimmy Park Yilan Station + Luodong Night Market

Today, our main attraction to visit is the Toucheng Leisure farm, which is the primary reason I have allocated two days at Yilan.

I've heard many good rave reviews about it, so we decided to venture to the farm, also mainly for the kids educational purpose.

We woke up early in the morning in our beautiful Pokara resort which we stayed for 2 nights.

This is the bright early morning view which we get in return as a reward.

Beautiful Wood hut house

Premise overlooking the paddy rice fields

Breakfast at the resort
It took about 30 minutes drive from the resort to the Toucheng Leisure Farm, which is our main itinerary for the day.

We took the cheapest NT600/person package, which includes the tours around the farm as well as a lunch. There are also some accommodation for those who are looking to stay for the night.

We were greeted by an amazing scenery overlooking the greenery of the trees and the sensuary of the lake.

Swans by the lake

There were a group of school kids that were on the day tour to the farm and it is obvious to see why this is a favorite amongst the locals too.

A Group of Primary school kids

Kids activities

Playing with the bubbles

Enjoying himself immensely. Simple things like this.

We were toured around by an ex-principal whom himself worked closely with Hong Wen primary school (MOE) in the past. He introduced us to the farm, some of the animals and how they maintained the farm organically. Unfortunately, since the tour is by foot, it was quite difficult for the grandparents and my kids to follow for a period of time since they were tired and KO-ed soon after.

Toucheng Leisure Farm Map

First stop - The frog and insects

Second stop - The Buffalo

Posing with the bull

The swans in the lake

Feeding the hungry goats

Feeding it again...

100 pounds mountain pig

We headed next to the Jimmy Park Yilan station and by this time it was already in the evening.

It was a small stroll and nothing out of the extraordinary. I guess we just did what the tourists are supposed to be doing.

The famous train station

Don't take my luggage!!!

My Red Bag

Yilan Train Station

Is this Jimmy or Tin-Tin?

As the sky is turning dark soon, we decide to head to the Luodong night market before we headed home to our resort.

The night market is so-so and there isn't the vibe of the night market I was expecting.

We also paid NT30 to let Oscar play catching the fish, which we released at the end of the day.

He loves playing all these catching games.

Ready, get set, go...

He caught about 20 fishes, and getting the hang of it

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