Saturday, January 21, 2017

Royce Kids Gym @ Liang Court - Review

We've been to many indoor playground and Royce Kids Gym is one of our favorites which we have been to many times.

They are located conveniently at the Liang Court near Clarke Quay and we go there whenever we feel like eating some nice Ramen for lunch and also their japanese supermarket which is awesome.

The playground is more catered to the younger kids, ranging from 6 months to 4 years old. It has an incredibly unlimited choices of toys and we often called it the open Toy'R'Us home for the kid. The place is huge and we've been to both during the weekdays and weekends but even at the weekends, the crowd is managed controllably well.

~ Thomas Wonderland ~
This is where you get a buffet spread of Thomas and friends toys and they have all the different kind of trains that kids can only dream of. Thomas, Percy, James, Toby you name it you get it.

This is placed at the front of the entrance so kids will not miss this.

If you go further inside, you'll find a whole lot place for hide and seek and this is where the younger kids can roam around. The place is designed such that it's safe for the kids to roam around on their own so parents do not need to worry.

There was also a section where kids can do role play by being a chef, nurse or a cook and there were tools needed for them to perform the task.

Last but not least, there are also a super huge range of available toys for the kids to pick and play. It is almost as much as what you can find in Toy'R'Us and they are all available to play. There were some new and old toys and sometimes I do find the owners replenishing new toys inside.

We love this place because it is both a place where the kids love and also a place where the parents can take some time to rest off while the kids are roaming inside. At least, for once we do not need to climb on and off the rails and slides.

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