Sunday, July 23, 2017

Marine Cove - Cycling & Playground For The Family

We seldom move around the East because it's not too convenient for us.

But when we get that chance to spend our Sunday with the family, and that comes with cycling activities, we decide to visit the popular raved Marine Cove at the East Coast Park.

I remembered back in the days when I used to frequent the old Mcdonald. It has not been renovated and rejuvenated to the brand new store and the spaces they have are HUGE. We wanted to have a breakfast there upon reaching but found that the spaces were filled with people early in the morning, so we went to the shop beside it selling local delicacy like Laksa and Toast Bread with coffee.

We wanted to cycle but we struggle to find any bicycle renting shop nearby so we wandered around and took a few photos by the beach first since the weather was still cooling in the early morning.

Oscar was raring to go right from the start, and he brought his very own green bicycle, so he was always in the lead and getting excited.

Eventually, we found a bicycle rental just 10 min to the left of the playground and me and my brother decide to have a ride for about an hour. The rental cost $8 for an hour.

They also have different types of bicycles, twins and also the families for a higher price, but it caters for families who wanted to be together and enjoy the fun. I'll do that next time with Oliver around.

The playground there was one of the highlights for the children.

They are free and spans across huge amount of spaces, though most of the activities are for the older kids which needs climbing.

I tried following that high one with Oscar and I was sweat to pieces under the hot sun. It wasn't that easy either but glad finally we manage to make it to the top.

We'll be back again next time!

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