Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Taiwan 2018 Travelogue - Day 1 Taoyuan International Airport + Hsinchu + Nanzhuang

We got up in the wee morning hours as we have a flight to catch at 8am.

We were very excited because this is the first long trip that we will have. We will be spending the next 14 days overseas hence we have to pack everything into our luggages.

We took the Singapore airlines which we redeemed via our krisflyer miles (we are a big fan) and the flight was around 4.5 hours long.

Thank God everything went smoothly in that 4.5 hours.

Fresh & Excited

Awaiting at the lounge for take-off

Ready to embrace the 4.5 hours

A quick nap time to kill the time

Upon reaching, we were picked up by our driver, Rocky 蔡先生,which I booked with him for the next 9 days in an island round trip.

He was waiting for us at the arrival gate.

Rocky our driver

Before we leave the airport, we had also bought a SIM Unite Traveller card which I previously bought it from Klook (cheapest option) here using this link.

And it was an easy find.

After you exit on the arrival, turn right all the way at the end and you will find the small stall which will exchange you the card.

Our first stop is to eat the famous Hsinchu beehoon and beefball which our driver had personally recommend them.

The weather was chilling cold at this point and we've not got used to it so eating hot soup in this weather is a big plus point.

After our late lunch, we proceed to our Olive Tree Minsu which was a rather difficult find at Nanzhuang, a small town area.

We booked the place after hearing rave reviews from many travellers and it is obvious to see why.

The place is incredibly beautiful and it has the romance of a song background music of Jay chow and JJ Lin song while you can sit down and glare at the stars outside. Really worth the stay for at least 2 nights, else you can cut my honesty. Even my parents were very impressed with the stay.

Never had such a good moment like this, really missing this place already.


  1. Hi B,

    Wow. Nice photos you have there. I was a little puzzled when I see Day 1's travelogue released today as I've seen the earlier part.. 2,5,6,7 and 8.

    I reckon the weather must be really really good now in Taiwan. Natural air-con!! I must say that this trip of yours have covered many places in Taiwan. The resort and food in Day 8 looks really nice btw!

    Cingjing is really pretty and unfortunately I did not manage to cover that area back in 2016 when I visit Taiwan.

    1. Hi Sleepydevil

      Thanks for coming here to comment :)

      Haha, I've updated in reverse manner, so still clearing the backlog.

      It was a good trip really, rather long but I thought it was priceless moment, especially given how close we all interact with one another. This definitely beats staying in the office slugging out a project hahaha.

      You should go to CIngjing, it has one of the most amazing scenic view of the mountain, one of my favorite.