Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Hoi An Travelogue (Day 2) - Marble Mountain / Linh Ung Pagoda / Little Ancient Town Hoi An

We started the day early, waking up at 6 plus in the morning to get ready for shower and then breakfast, before heading for our itinerary of the day.

Breakfast at the hotel was included in the hotel package, so we headed down early but it was already quite packed with tourists, mostly Westerners.

After breakfast, we were picked up by a private car we hired so we proceeded to the Marble Mountain for our first itinerary of the day.

Upon reaching there, we bought the elevator ticket which costs an additional VN 15k for each person. This saves us the trouble from climbing the 156 stairs uphill.

There were lots of nice ponds and lotus flowers which we took the chance to become some self modeling lolx.

After Marble Mountain, we went to visit the Linh Ung Pagoda which is a short drive away.

It's a huge pagoda with beautiful gardens and peaceful scenery.

There is a lady Buddha which many people worship which they say will give them blessings and luck in the work that they do and the family that they raise.

Linh Ung Pagoda is a work stamp development of Buddhism in Vietnam in the XXI century  and a meeting place of heaven and earth's sacred air and peoples heart.

We went for lunch after that and proceeded to the Ngon Villa restaurant, which is ranked number 1 in TripAdvisor restaurant in Danang.

It didn't disappoint us as we had good food buffet for good value and we ordered so much we felt quite bad about it. We'll, at least we finished the food.

I'll let the photos show how good the food is.

After lunch we went to the Big C Supermarket to grab our necessities before heading home to rest to take a nap.

We were so tired that we had such a good nap in the evening.

For dinner, we headed down to Little Ancient town which is only a 5 minutes away from our hotel.

The town is soooo pretty and plenty of lighting, nice slow atmosphere and the weather was very inviting.

We had a good walk slowdown and immersed ourselves in the atmosphere of the little Hoi An town.

That's it for day 2.

Tmr we will be heading down to Bana Hills!

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