Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Cato Restaurant Review - Modern Asian Cuisine Bar

We were looking for a new place to chill and hang out, and we found a place named Cato restaurant, which is located right across the Little India Temple at South Beach Road.

Cato is a restaurant & bar which offers Modern Asian cuisine and fusion and over 60 small batched craft beers and spirits from over the world.
We reached earlier than our scheduled appointment so we took the chance to tour around the second level which is perfect for chilling and just listening to live music.

Bar Area

Live Music

Anyway, we proceed to order from our menu for food and drinks since we are already hungry for the food.

Garlic Fries @ $8

Garlic Fries is pretty good and in fact I think it rates amongst the best dish throughout the night. The texture was crispy and the taste of garlic is strong giving a very unique perspective for the tongue. The portion is pretty decent too for a group of 4 to share.

Crispy Squid in Thai Glazed Sauce @ $12
The squid was very delicious as well since the texture is crispy and the taste of lemon thai sauce was succinct enough. I also like that they used baby squid instead so it comes in a nice small pairs where we can fit the whole thing into the mouth straight away.

Acai Cured Salmon @ $18

Steamed Baked Pork Cheek @ $28

Tom Yum Prawn Risotto @ $24

I was expecting quite a lot from the 3 main dishes but they are only pretty average to be honest. I think I have tasted much better elsewhere with a much better value out there than this one. The portion was not only small, but they also pale in comparison in taste. I was pretty disappointed with the main dishes overall.

Papaya Dessert

Apple Cider
Overall, I think I paid around $180 in total for 4 person. It's a very expensive meal because we ordered a few drinks but I think the main dish doesn't come cheap either. But the most important part was that I was left disappointed with some of the dish and it did not fill my stomach when I left the restaurant. Heck, I even had to go across Chinatown to buy some carrot cake home!!!
The restaurants did have some promotions ongoing with specific UOB credit cards and AMEX platinum but too bad I don't have those cards.


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