Saturday, December 5, 2015

Hua Hin - Hills Vineyard

The trip to the Hua Hin Hills Vineyard wasn't exactly that cheap, especially since we are considering to take a private car to go there. There is a way to get there by the public transport that are designated to that area, but I think it also cost around THB350/person. In any case, the driver quoted us THB1,800 for a round-trip with a bonus stopover at Sam Phan Nam floating market along the way. They are expensive but since we are a group of 4 with a kid, I had no choice but to accept it.

We soon reach our first stopover at the Sam Phan Nam floating market where we had the chance to shop at some of the stalls and also take the boat to tour around.

The weather was extremely hot that day and you can see my poor baby had a red cheek there almost dehydrated.

The places were huge there and there were almost more than 100 shops there that we had pass by. We bought a couple of T-shirt for our son and then proceeded to go next to the main destination since time was running out.

Soon after, we went inside the car to proceed to our next destination at the much awaited Hua Hin Hills Vineyard.

The view throughout going into the Vineyard was amazing. You can see plenty of greenery out there which was next best to everything. Before we entered the Vineyard, we could see plenty of grapes farm which they've used to plant their grapes for the wine and you can step out to take a few close snapshot.

When we finally arrived, the first thing we did was to grab a place for lunch. We didn't make any reservations prior to coming here, so we didn't really get the best seat we wanted. The whole place for lunch wasn't exactly that big, so it is recommended that a reservation be made.
We ordered their specialty wine tasting which was mostly uniquely Hua Hin. To be honest, I've drank much better wines out there so I wasn't really impressed with it. We also ordered a few local fried rice and western food to go for our lunch while enjoying the scenery.
After our lunch, we toured around the area for a little while more before proceeding to go back to our hotel.


Our Hearty Lunch @ Hills Vineyard

Mommy, I am drunk

See Ya Next Time :)

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