Friday, December 4, 2015

Hua Hin - Venezia

Venezia was about 10 minute drive from our hotel. We paid around THB 1,500 for a round-about trip to Venezia / Santorini / Swiss Sheep Farm and then back to the hotel. The driver would wait throughout for an almost entire day itinery so I think it's the standard price unless you are driving on your own.

We arrived at 10 in the morning, but was made to wait for another half hour as the ticket counter will only be open at 10.30. We chose package A which cost about THB 530/person which includes all the activities you will see below and they are packaged in such a way so that most tourists would choose their package A. I think it's a little expensive and given the weather in such a hot condition (37 degrees when we were there), I don't think we are able to do much activities outdoor (or so we thought). Still, we try to squeeze in as many activities as we could while we were there.
1.) The Venetian Gondola
If you've been to Macao or even the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore, I think you can skip this particular activities. The experience was great but since they are being shored outdoor, we have to bear the hot weather magnitude which can be very exhausting under the direct sun exposure. The water isn't also very clean and well maintained and throughout the boat experience we just wanted for it to end quickly since we were not really enjoying it.

2.) Mini-Europe

The Mini-Europe was fun and indoor and there was barely any visitors inside, so we took a lot of photos while we were roaming around. Rome, Holland, Greece and French alike buildings were some of those that were displayed and they are definitely good for photo-taking. 



3.) 3-D Art Gallery / Upside Down House

I think this was the most fun activities out of all, at least for our kid who enjoyed running around the gallery in amazement. Also, they are located indoor so we were again spared from the burning hot sun outside :)

4.) The Mini Zoo

Last but not least, we went the mini zoo section. There was some sheep and horses there and they were running around in herd. It's the first time my boy was seeing them so he felt somewhat terrified of it hahaha. I hope at least he learnt from it. It was a very nice atmosphere seeing these animals on the go.

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