Tuesday, October 25, 2016

A Fun Day At The Zoo

It's been raining for the past couple of days so we are praying the weather will be good when we get to the zoo. Thankfully, the weather was accommodating so the walk was not as hot as we expected it to be.

This was our second visit to the zoo since we went a few years ago when Oscar was only 1 year old. This time though, we brought along the grandparents since they've never visited the Singapore zoo.

Right at the center of entrance

After a few meters walk inside, we'd quickly found the engulfing polar bear on our right hand corner. The polar bear was mesmerizing as it was swimming in a pool of cooling water. I bet he too can't stand the heat we have right here on our tiny island.

Polar Bear swimming in the background

Polar Bear

Right at the heart of the zoo is the Orang Utan area where you can see monkeys and genetically similar species jumping around the tree in an open area. It was a very scenic view and one of my personal favorites because you can feel the natural scenery of our living habitat. It was fun looking at them just as much as they are looking at us. Hmm.

With the Orang Utan in the background

Their living habitat

We walked past a few other animals such as the Rhinoceros and the babisaurs but didn't manage to capture a moment. Nevertheless, we managed to get a good view of the cheetah as it was lurking through right in front of us back and forth as it appears hungry. I guess, it gotta wait for feeding time!!!

Hey, Rhino!!!

Cheetah in the background

What a view!!!

We managed to get a nice close shoot up of the giraffe this time round as they seemed busy eating the leaves. One of our best memories of giraffe was the zoo in Bangkok where there are literally hundreds and thousands of giraffe lining up in front of us. That was an incredible sight.

Hey, Giraffe!!!

More than 1 giraffe today :)
We watched two shows during the day. One is by the amphitheatre where the splash shows are showing sealion. The shows are the earliest at 10.30 am, so everyone was rushing almost for the same seat. Still, since it was a weekday, there were plenty of seats around so no worries on getting no seat. The shows last for about 30 min and it was pretty entertaining and the crowd was enjoying themselves.

We can't say the same for the elephant shows though as we came in later after lunch. The elephant shows were not as entertaining as the one we have had in Bangkok where I feel they were being trained more skillfully and intelligently. The elephants in Bangkok zoo can even draw a nice picture just by using their trunks.

Elephants doing their show time

Elephant shows but sadly no seat for us :(

Sealion juggling ball

Pose for photo time
All in all, I think a good day outing for the family. We went right in the morning at 9am when the gate opens and we finished just about at 1pm since Oscar was already in sleepy mode so we decide to get back early. Since it's also not our first visit, we are also more familiarize with the place itself.

Until then again next time maybe after our second kid is born next year!!

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