Saturday, October 22, 2016

Fun & Laughter Indoor Playground @ Citysquare Mall Review

It's been a while since I last updated this blog when we went for a holiday in Krabi in July. Things moved so fast that there are hardly anytime to breathe these days.

In any case, our activities have been as plentiful nevertheless as it was in the past and I have a lot of backlog to update on this blog. I've finally managed to push myself to upload the picture into the blog today.

We went to the Citysquare mall this afternoon as part of our weekly adventure to find something new to explore. After we had our lunch, I brought my son to the Fun & Laughter indoor playground located at groundfloor B2. This was the 2nd time we had explored the playground.


Fun & Laughter Playground

The playground itself isn't huge by any means but they had well concentrated areas that attracted kids to the place.

As we enter, we were immediately greeted by a spacious free and easy area where there are buses and cars for kids to ride along. The Tayo bus was popular because it was obviously the kids' favorite as they grew up watching the cartoon. For Oscar, he extremely loves anything that has to do with buses so there was no doubt he was going to catch it first.

Playing together with jie jie

Wheels on the bus ^^

F1 Racing
Beside the playing area, there was a ball filled area where kids usually like to slide and drown themselves in the pool.

There was also a shooting area by the top where kids can pit their skills against one another by putting the ball into the machine and shooting to score points. For the younger kids, they can still participate as the management has kindly put a small ladder across where kids can climb and reach the shooting gun. That really helps a lot!!!

Kids love to drown themselves in the pool for some reason :)

Aiming right before shooting

"I'll make sure I get it right this time!!!"

"Where is the ball I've put in?"

Posing for the camera ^^
On the other side, there was a small room where kids can gather to play the games that was being screened from the projector. Most of the games include stepping on the monster or bubbles that allow kids to move and jump around so it can get crowded at times. 

I'm scoring my next points ~

Rolling the ball
The highlight of the playground is the gym activities area and the huge long deep slides which kids (and myself) thoroughly enjoy playing it over and over again. The area itself wasn't big but it is enough for parents to get really tired chasing their kids one after another.

Get ready to start chasing after your kid!~

Jumping Matrix

Thinking how to overcome the next obstacle

The super long and deep slides

Overall, it was a good decent playground with very reasonable fees. 

The playground is catered more towards the slightly older kids as the mall has another one which catered for the younger kids (more on this next time).

If the kid is enjoying it, why would the adults complaint? :)

Fun N Laughter
City Square Mall
180 Kitchener Road
 #B2-32 Fun N Laughter
Singapore 208539
10:30 AM to 9:30 PM (Daily)

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