Sunday, April 23, 2017

Oscar 3rd Birthday - 23 April 2017

We celebrated Oscar 3rd birthday this weekend by heading down into his favorite hang out place, the Sentosa island and playing the waterpark at Palawan beach.

After a long night yesterday at the Gardens by the Bay, we were quite KO-ed and had a good night sleep and thought wanted a rather relaxing morning activities. Never did we thought the weather to be scorching hot.

Palawan Beach

The grandparents came to celebrate for this occasion so we went out quite a bit during the weekends.

We wanted to order a Thomas train 3d cake originally since it was his favorite toys but on second thought it was rather pricey and the cake wasn't as nice to eat so we went ahead with the chocolate cake bought from Paris Baguette instead.

I am 3 years old finally

Oliver joined in the celebration even though he is in his sleepy mode and we get our family portrait together :)

Oscar was delighted to see his presents which were mainly from his grandparents and relatives. He can't wait to unwrap the presents once he sees them.

Unwrapping the presents

poly car bag!!!

Happy birthday my dearest son and hoping you to grow up healthy and happy :)

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