Monday, May 22, 2017

Staycation @ Shangri-la Rasa Sentosa [Hotel Review]

Our family had an overnight staycation at the famously known Shangri-la Rasa Sentosa over the weekend.

We've heard rave reviews about the resort and how they were so kids friendly so we decided to try it over the weekend.

The resort does not seem to operate at full occupancy when we were there but there were good crowds of families with children like us.

It turns out so good that my wife and kids love it so much that they've been talking about it even after we left.

We made our first stop at the Siloso Point from RWS and had the buggy fetched us right to the door of the entrance. Immediately, we had a first good impression.

We were early when we arrived but we managed to get an early check-in at about 12 noon. The official check-in time was 3 pm.

Hotel Room

We booked the family package directly from the website itself and so we were given the Deluxe Ocean View room.

The room that we occupied had a king bed and a pull-away sofa that can be turned into a bed. In total, it can easily fit 4 adults and 2 kids if you want to. Just be discreet about it when checking in because they do charge additional per head if they find out.

There was also a bathtub in the bathroom which Oscar was so excited about that he spent his time at the bathtub even after swimming for 2 hours.

The resort boasts a lot of activities for the kids so they remained busy throughout the stay.

Since it was still sunny hot in the afternoon, we decide to venture to the kids club first for some running and climbing. For kids who are above 5 years old, there's also the main kids activities area where parents can leave their children inside under specialized care and enjoy their time together.

We'll certainly do that in the future when our children are older!!!

There is also the arts and craft room for kids who are more into drawing and creative arts. The drawing and coloring is free but I think the arts painting requires a bit of charges there.

And then of course, you have also the game room which sorts of like the arcade room and x-box where kids can battle their wits out.

The weather was getting less hot in the evening so we decide to head outdoor and play in the playground for a while before heading to the pool area.

The swimming pool area is huge. They have the main pool area for the public and they had a separate one for the children with the slides. They even had the one for the adult only for those who wants a peaceful rest inside the pool.

I was actually quite surprised that the requirements for the slides are pretty strict. Adults are not allowed to accompany their kids to play the slide for safety reasons but I thought it was strange they do that. This doesn't happen in most of the resorts we've been to and also the Palawan Pirates so it's unusual for us.

After swimming, we went back to our room to get a nice hot shower before heading for our long awaited dinner.

Our dinner is a sumptuous buffet spread which serves international and local cuisine such as bbq lamb, beef steak, prawns and squid. We also had an unlimited servings for juices, wines and house pour beers, which I had a few nice sip to it and got a bit dizzy after that...Duh

There were the KIDS ZONE area where kids are able to take their own food and servings within their reach.

The next morning, we head down to the same area for our breakfast buffet before heading down to the beach which is just located next to the resort for some sand playing and walk in the beach.

We have a good overall stay at the resort and would love to come back one day should my pocket allows but it's been a very nice retreat to end off the weekend.

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