Monday, June 5, 2017

Mall of Indonesia - Kidzilla Playground

In our 2 weeks holiday back to Indonesia, we went to visit the grandparents on one of the days for lunch. We had our lunch at one of our favorites Angke restaurant which was located right at the Mall of Indonesia (MOI) building, which was located around the Klp Gading area.

Mall of Indonesia is one of the biggest shopping mall in the Greater North Jakarta area and it spans across many different kind of tenant shops and entertainment that you could find. The mall is currently undergoing a lot of renovation so you might find some of the shop closed.

On the 4th floor, we found a playground Kidzilla for the kid to run off their energy.

You'd have to buy a play card from the counter and top it up from there. The minimum amount is Rp 50,000 and the card will cost Rp 2,000. Generally, it's not very cheap but that's how the playgrounds are charging these days.

The first stop that Oscar took interests is the zoo-tram where the train just goes around in circle and he got to see the different animals exhibits surrounding the area. Oscar was also very excited about getting the main driver seat as he gets to spin the driver's wheel.

The zoo-tram costs Rp 20,000 for each ride and adults are not allowed to accompany.

The next ride that we took is the Carousel.

They are not different from what you experienced at some other playgrounds and the rides can be accompanied by an adult.

It's quite empty when we visited so you are able to have the freedom to choose whichever horse that interests you.

Each ride costs around Rp 20,000 for a few rounds.

And then there's also the plane rides...

There's also a few smaller moving games which entices children to ride, and parents to pay!

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