Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Cimory Riverside Bogor - Day Trip With Family

On our en route to the Taman Safari Indonesia at Bogor, we asked our driver to make a special trip on the way to the Cimory Riverside which has plenty of rave reviews on the internet.

We went during the weekday so traffic wise it's rather manageable. You can reach Cimory Riverside within 35 minutes from the Jagorawi toll road. From Jakarta, it should be around 2 hours journey.

The place is well known for its amazing scenery view when dining there, overlooking a stream of river and greeneries as we enjoyed our food.

The place has a cute overlooking cow welcoming its guest to the Cimory. It is one of their mascot.

The place is also well known for tourist buying souvenirs back home as it serves a very delicious Chocomory and Cimory Yogurt Drink.

There is also an area where kids can roam around in their playground. The area is not too big but serves enough purpose for the kids to run off their energy. We are obviously not there also for the playground so that's really not our objective there.

Until then, next time again...Cimory!!!

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  1. Oh my that looks fun, I'm gonna go with my friends when we get a chance (they have kids @ -- *^_^*