Thursday, October 19, 2017

5 Fun Things To Do In Penang With Families

Penang, known as the Pearl of the Orient and the famous touristy part of the Malaysia are no wonder rated as one of the top 10 cities to retire in.

There are not only the local cuisine that they are famous for, but they are a perfect destination gateway for families to have a short but well planned holiday.

From the mouth watering local cuisine food to the artistic UNESCO heritage site, here are the top things to do on your first trip to Penang.

1.) Stay At the Iconic Maritime Suite @ The Persiaran Kapal Singh

This strategically located apartment can fit as much a 6 to 7 persons in a 2 bedroom loft space which oversees the whole sea of Penang straits and activities.

We love it so much that my kids keep reminding me to go back to the place after we stayed 3 nights in it.

2.) Stay At the Golden Sands Resort @ Batu Ferringhi

Run by the well known Shangri-La brand, the Golden Sands Resorts offer families a vacation that you will never forget.

The swimming pools, beaches and the playground are a haven by itself for kids to run and roam around.

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3.) Home of The Butterflies @ Entopia

This was one of our trip highlight in this delightful space of the butterflies.

This was not only good education for the kids, but also provide a fun and enriching environment for interaction with nature. This is a suitable activities for both the young and the old.

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4.) Cuddle With The Bears @ Teddyville Museum

If you are a fan of bear soft toys, you would love this place to death.

The place appeals not only to kids but also teenagers who likes to read about the history of Penang orchestrated by the thousand of bears in the museum.

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5.) Climb Up The Penang Hill @ Batu Bendera

The kids would love the train up, I can guarantee!

The Penang Hill is one of the icons of Penang, with the peak overseeing the entire Penang view at a quick glance.

The weather is almost cooling in an otherwise hot sunny Penang at the time we were there.

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