Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Golden Sands Resort by Shangri-La, Penang - Our Family Vacation [Hotel Review]

Penang is definitely one of the hotspot for families vacation and staycation and it is easy to see why our families love it so much.

After our 3 nights stay at The Maritime Suite which is incredibly awesome, we moved on to our final 2 nights at the Golden Sands Resort, which by itself is a luxury destination for families.

Run by the famously known brand, Shangri-La, this beach resort is located conveniently at the strategic side of Batu Ferringhi, and is a piece of heaven for families with children.

The best thing about the facilities of the resort which attracts us is its huge acres of swimming pool spaces which involves pools catered for the adults, children and there are also slides for them to go over and play with.

1..2..3.. Here we go

Splash Zone

After our swimming activities, we have time for relaxation by the couch area where we oversee many activities of parasailing right in front of us. It was a nice sight to behold.

And then of course not forgetting the beautiful beach.....

We didn't do any beach activities for this round because our both our kids are too young so we just walked around the beach in the evening enjoying the breeze air.

The Sigi's Bar and Grill next to the pool is also convenient for people who wants a sip of coconut or beer or some bites while they are having their activities in the pool.

We managed to try their signature BBQ buffet on one of the days. They have different themes for different days of the week but I was told their Seafood spread on Saturday was one of the best in town.

The other thing I love about the place is its close proximity to a nearby Long Beach hawker center which you can reach by foot in 5 minutes.

At one of our dinner days, we went there by foot and ordered a massive tons of delicious local cuisine such as the prawn noodles, fish seafood, and bah kut teh to our delight which was very reasonably cheap.

It's a very popular area within the tourists especially on weekends so you may want to get in early.

So that is that with this episode of our hotel review, we enjoyed it as much and will be back again sometime in the future.

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