Saturday, March 4, 2017

A Different Experience Visit To The Zoo

We went to the zoo for the 3rd time after Oscar requested to go time and time again.

This time, I had intention to roam around by foot, so didnt proceed to book the tram which costs an additional $5 per person.

Hello Hippo ^^

We were pleasantly surprised to have a whole new experience walking by foot exploring the zoo, as we come across some animals which we did not manage to see in the first 2 rounds.

The weather was wet and it drizzled for much of the day we were there. It was cooling and hence makes walking that much easier.

We stopped by the goat cage and fed leaves to some of the goats who were lurking around for food. It was a new experience for Oscar as he never gets to feed the goat upclose face to face.

Feeding leaves to the goat

We also decide to queue for the giraffe feeding which costs $5 (given to charity). I'd have much preferred the bangkok version of giraffe feeding when we went back in 2015 by using a long stick to feed bananas instead.

Feeding food to the giraffe

We also brought our lunch box this time round instead of having to rely on the rather expensively priced KFC and we settled down in front of the Kidstop area.

~Fried Rice with Egg lunch box~

Lunch View

We also did some pose with the Orang Utan and the horse who came out to greet us ^^

Hey Orang Utan (his name is Charlie and he is 40 years old!)

Hey Horsey!!

Think the staff was going to weigh and bathe the turtles

Super Huge Turtle!!!

Crocs right in front of us 

Finale Pose :)

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