Wednesday, March 15, 2017

School Holiday Activities - Palawan Pirates Ship Water Playground

In one of the school holiday activities we did on weekday, we chose to go to the Palawan beach at Sentosa as the major centerpiece attraction of the Palawan Pirates Ship Water Playground goes underway.

The attraction is huge (as you will see later) and most importantly they are free. Where can you find such a great family bonding activities to run down the kids energy like that!!!

Pirates Ship - Our Highlight of the Day
More to come on the pirates ship highlight of the day later.

How To Get There

First, let me document my journey how we reach there eventually.

There were basically 2 options for us to choose from.

The first is to go via the Vivo City route and from there go up to level 3 buy the roundabout ticket for $4 to go to the Beach Station.

We didn't choose this route and eventually settle down taking cab and stop by the RWS casino area and walk 5 minute to get to the train (free entry).

Upon reaching the Beach Station, turn to your right and walk within 5 minutes until you see the Kidzania. The pirate ship is right at the opposite and so big that you cannot miss them.

Stop at the "Beach Station"

Train approaching...

Gazing at the beautiful scenery

Signs and Directions

Palawan Beach

We reached there pretty early at about 9.30 in the morning and we were greeted by the sunny and beautiful scenery of Palawan Beach.

As it was still early in the morning, the air was fresh and the crowd was still empty. Perfect way to walk around the beach area.

Beautiful Palawan Beach
We spent about half an hour playing around the beach area, enjoying the sun and also the waves that are coming at us. Oscar seemed to have fun playing the sand too, while it reminiscence our time a while back in Krabi.

Pirates Ship Water Playground

At 10 clock where the playground was open, we proceeded to our main highlights of the day.

The crowd soon starts to come and before long, we have tons of kids running around, shooting the water, and queuing up the slides. We were glad that we didn't come this on a weekend, else the crowd is going to be unimaginable.

Water Gun Reloading...

Turning On The Water Splash

There were 3 main slides to choose from.

The red one in the picture below is for toddlers and they are mild slides for them to enjoy.

The green one is rather steep and it runs in a deep dark tunnel. Still, the kids were thoroughly enjoying themselves with this slides. Oscar's too scared for this one so I guess we'll have to revisit it again next time when he's older.

There's the last one with the blue slide which I didn't manage to get a picture of it.

Baby Slides

Steeper Slides
Overall, we spent about 2 hours in the playground and were totally exhausted and KO-ed by the ongoing running and swimming.

If you're going there, it's better to do it on weekdays where the crowd is still manageable than to squeeze over on a weekend.

With the recent water 30% hike, we'll have to see until when they have these "free" admissions until.

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