Tuesday, September 19, 2017

TeddyVille Museum - Where Teddy Bear Comes Alive

This was not in our agenda to do list but when we heard about the availability of this attraction, I quickly include it in our itinery as my younger 7 months old son loves Teddy bear a lot.

The TeddyVille Museum was located underneath the Doubletree Hilton Hotel which is currently under renovation. It can be a little tricky in finding the place, as we saw most who reached there are getting a bit confuse with the direction, but it's not much of a problem. There are a few nice workers who can assist with the directions once you are inside.

The Museum was also conveniently located just 2km away from where we stayed at the Golden Sand, Batu Ferrighini for the weekends.

The TeddyVille Museum is an abode of Mini Penang, where miniature of bears were dressed in the cultural fashion of Penang and its local heritage and it tells so much history about what we need to know about Penang. They also provide a lovely and huggly moments for those who love teddy bears.

The tickets are sold right at the entrance at Rm30 per adult and kids under 3 goes in for free.

Once we bought the tickets, there is a giant bear right at the entrance where we can take a photo snap with it. You can also hug it all you want, just like what everyone did with it.

We started off by entering the history museum of the different Teddy Bear and how they were originated from the different countries they came from. It's intruing reading about these histories especially how they evolved and became so important after the World War.

The set up of the room was made such that you entered into different themes at a particular set up.

Like the one below,  we entered into a racial harmony theme where it promotes the Chinese,  Malays and Indians and how they celebrated their big events.

Penang is famous for a few of their local food,  and we encounter a few next theme relating to Food!!!  Char kwey tiao, chendol, lok lok,  durian....  Here we come!!

Next is my favorite beach theme which is part of the Batu Ferrighini that we stayed for two days.  More on it coming up later.

I'll let the rest of the photos do the talking :)

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