Sunday, September 10, 2017

The Maritime Suite @ Persiaran Kapal Singh [Airbnb Review]

Since we had our two children, it's becoming increasingly difficult to stay at the hotel when we travel out. Not only are there spaces constraint within the hotel rules and regulation (and that's because we usually tend to bring our helper when we travel too),  but we needed a place where it's styled like home.

Home means there are a sense of privacy and comfortability and where we can do most of the usual stuff such as cooking, laundring and couch watching tv. We embedded the lifestyle of a slow travel because we had two small children,  who needed nap and play time that goes by their book.

When we get to Penang,  this homestay was the perfect luxury for us. They are located at the Persiaran Kapal Singh which used to be the automotive car.

The place was beautiful when we entered and the loft provided a really nice breathing space because of the way it was structured.

It is a two bedroom and my younger son took the lower bedroom while the rest of us took the upper bedroom which we need to take the stairs.  My son loves it so much that he goes up and down the stairs on unlimited count despite our warning to him.

The upper room have two queen bed and a single mattress so it can sleep a comfortable 5 person while the lower room can sleep 2 more.

We were also glad that there were some board games to entertain the kids.

We also utilize a lot of the cooking utensils and microwave since we had to make food for the younger one.  We also spent a lot of time at home after each attraction to take small break in between.

There's also some eateries, starbucks and a 7-eleven store in the vicinity just right below which makes it convenient for us if we want to just get a quick fix.

We did try at the grilled fish stall on one of the night and it tastes...  Szechuan spicy! We had our fills for the night.

There's also a thai massage place nearby which I frequent on one of the afternoon.

Overall verdict: I think it was a great stay and a lovely one which we would relish and remember our moments there.  The self check in was swift and easy, and the place had all that we wanted a place to have. The best thing is it only costs at about SGD93 per night.  Well, perhaps not exactly cheap by Malaysian standard but relatively zuper decent for our big family of 6.

If you are interested, do check out the link as below (  or you can drop me a comment section and I will pm you.

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  1. Hi B,

    I've also stayed in an airbnb apartment previously (last year) when I went to Taiwan. I've to say, some airbnb apartments is cheap and good!! Impressive and wonderful read up about your penang trip.

    Once upon a time, I'm thinking of blogging about my travel expereince.. however, I've realize that I don't travel that much ><

    1. Hi Sleepydevil

      Ah im going to taiwan next year. Could you recommend me which place do you stay at? Hehehe

      Airbnb is good for big numbers and these days is a lot about convenience.

    2. Hi B,

      Which part of Taiwan are you going to?? I went to Taipei and my airbnb apartment is located in Damshui. It's just like Punggol in Singapore whereby it will take sometime for you to go to "Orchard" However, my cozy apartment costs me just slightly below S$30/night. There's quite some things that can be done at Danshui too!!

      However, I feel that the best location to stay in, is still in close proximity to Taipei Main Station/Xi Men Ding. At Taipei Main Station you're right in the "middle", which you'd be able to connect to multiple places. There's also TSR/HSR right below which will brings you to places like Shifen/JiuFen/Kaohsiong. Shifen is a good place for you to set your sky latern flying with your wishes :)

      I was there a year ago, and it was during Latern festival. Guess what.. they've a week of public holidays for them to celebrate lantern festival !!