Friday, June 7, 2019

Day 4 - Ngong Ping 360

Today's itinerary was taking the cable car to see the Big Buddha on the Lantau Island. The trip itself going up to the mountain spells excitement as we geared up to head to the mountain.

We headed out of the house a bit later than usual and had to pay for the consequences by having to queue longer for the cable car because it was a public holiday.

By the time we took the cable car, it was already 11.30 and we arrived at the village slightly after 12 in the afternoon.

The trip to the top took about 10 to 15 minutes and it was pretty cooling weather when we reached the top even though it was right in the midst of afternoon.

We quickly settled for lunch at the Zen Noodle once we arrived because it was time for lunch. The lunch was decent and surprisingly much better than what we had at the Disneyland.

The whole village wasn't very big so we roamed around buying some toys for the kids and also looking for some souvenirs.

We didn't manage to climb the 270 steps stairs to the top of Big Buddha as we had 3 kids in our tows so we just decided to take a snapshot for memories from the bottom.

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