Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Day 7 - Noah's Ark

On day 7, we went to the Noah's Arkm after hearing much rave reviews about them but seemingly not as mainstream popular as the famously known Disneyland.

We went there via Tsing Yi Station as we stayed near the Tung Chung area and boarded bus Number 330 at the exit C of Tsing Yi station.

The bus costs around HKD6 and we stopped at the next stop at Beach Commercial Complex overlooking a very beautiful beach and Lantau bridge island.

As we went on a weekday, the place is very empty but we truly enjoyed the quietness of the park.

Once we entered the park, we were immediately greeted by a huge overlooking Noah Ark's ship with plenty of animals that allow good photo taking opportunity, especially with young children.

The sun was shining right hot so we went immediately to the exhibition to get some much needed air conditioner.

There were some small live animals and also exhibitions regarding children stories where they will explain to you such as the three little pigs.

I like that the place had a lot of interactions that the children can touch see and play so they won't get bored and you can see that there are plenty of different activities lined up for them to do that.

It was noon so we proceeded to the hotel resort nearby the area for lunch overseeing the beautiful Lantau island ocean.

After lunch, we went to the Treasures House which were much bigger than we expected. It was located at another entrance different from the exhibition.

Overall, we really love this place and almost couldn't believe that not more people came to know about this place.

For everyone with kids, this is a much bigger thumbs up than the very famed and touted Disneyland and it costs a lot cheaper too.


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